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    First of all I want to thank the Dev team for being so patient with everyone's suggestions and criticisms, as far as I'm concerned we should consider ourselves lucky anyone is making a game like this and leave our criticisms at a minimum, as for myself I would be happy just to stroll around a 3D Rome, walk down dingy alleys and its surrounding countryside without many features, combat included.

    However, I would like to suggest that if combat is included that it not mimic any other style on the market, but that it simply allows the user to point and click then weighed it against the opponents attributes, such as agility and dexterity, defensive skills etc. In which the opponent could perform a dodge, block or parry, depending where the aggressor clicked. I personally think this would be better for the game than another mount and blade 4 directional combat scheme. Rather this style would require more aiming and timing, you could aim at a shoulder, or hand or leg, perform a slash or stab or lunge, or unarmored torso.

    That being said, combat to me is a very small portion of what I seek from the game, and would be happy with almost anything implemented.


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    like mount and blade?


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      Originally posted by Naliao View Post
      like mount and blade?
      No In MB combat is 4 directional, including stab.. also there's no dodging. There's no incentive to physically aim at an actual body part. Aiming and clicking at a body part and performing a thrust or slash would in my opinion would involved more timing and skill, also weighed against the opponents chance to perform a block or dodge, rather than holding the block button all day until the shield breaks.

      For example, lets say you square off vs an opponent, both go in to perform a lunge, at this moment a lot of data is used, abilities and stats, but if you aim outside of the hitbox, perhaps the enemy will perform a dodge, or you miss, or if you aim and click on his shield by mistake, then he has a chance to perform a block.

      If you both equally recklessly lunge and aim perfectly at the opponent at the exact time, then both would have a chance to injure one another.
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        I'm hoping for something in-between For Honor and Assassin's Creed, if that makes sense. To where you can have a bow and arrows or maybe a crossbow, swords, daggers, etc. and aim them all at different body parts to inflict different damage. You can fight unarmed but only striking unarmored parts of your opponent, and also maybe the chance to disarm them, although in a MMO I am not sure that is possible like in AC so that is not a huge thing for me. Also a blocking system like For Honor, where you are essentially dueling your opponent within a larger battle space, and can move your mouse to counter from different angles as well as maybe click at the proper time in order to parry. Something where you feel like you have control over your character, you are not just executing a standard move. Maybe the effectiveness of your strikes as well as your defensive moves are dependent upon your skill and various attributes. Also to the point of armor, I am hoping it can be broken to some degree, and also that you can take a limited amount of damage through it. If you ride by on a horse and strike someone's chestplate with a long sword like a spatha, they are going to at least have the wind knocked out of them and possibly cracked ribs. And I am hoping that armor has weight. So if I don a full Lorica Segmentata, great, I have few exposed regions and can take a lot of damage. But, maybe my strikes are slower and I move slightly slower than a more lightly armored opponent. The Lorica is probably a poor example because it was fairly light, but you get my meaning. I think there is a lot they could do with the combat system in the game to really boost the overall experience, even if it is not a key component. It would help immensely with player retention as well.