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  • philgamers introduction

    Hello dear LoR Community,

    Iam philgamer and iam a new member in LoR and quit new in MMORPG's. I saw this game in a YouTube Video and thought "Wow, that looks pretty interesting". So i visited LoR´s webiste and it really looks interesting. To be honest there is new game iam hyped for ;D.
    Currently iam about to read everything bout LoR but i have questions.
    What is this "Familiy" thing, is it something like some kind of guild or Organization ? if yes it would be intersting for me in the futur. and when will the game be realease, not exaclty but maybe there is a month or sth and how much is it gonna cost.
    Can you help me with this ?

    I will keep an Eye on Life of Rome, maybe we will see ingame once its out.

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    welcome! o/