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    I found out about this game whilst I was browsing for new games on Steam. As a fanatic Roman-era enthousiast, I couldn't help myself but learn more about Life of Rome and I was absolutely stunned from the images I saw. I understand some of them are considered to be classed as concept art, but still.. From what I've gathered so far, it seems like it could become one of the most immersive Roman-era games out there, hence I would love to help out if possible, in any way! If not, that's fine! Keep doing what you're doing! I'm here to stay either way.

    As an added little introductory, I'm Aurelius. I reside in Belgium, Antwerp to be a little more specific. I'm currently 24 years old and taking paid courses to improve on my programming skills. I'm interested in C#, C++ and general game development and aspire to create my own games in the distant future. I also have my own professional studio condenser microphone (Rode NT1A) ready to use if needed!

    So yeah, if you've got any more questions about me or anything you're interested in asking, feel free to do so!

    Aurelius out.
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    Welcome! Definitely look for some of the thread here and on Steam about period gear and clothing and other HELPFUL threads and plug in with fresh ideas...

    The next step in testing or anything of that matter has not been announced yet but keep eye's peeled for coming news.

    Babulus CM

    EDIT PS please be careful with posting links and clicking on links around here unless from someone you trust... Spambots abuse us all the time....