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[04/07/2015] Hello & Development Update

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  • [04/07/2015] Hello & Development Update

    Greetings all! Thanks for following our project and showing your support. It’s great to hear that other people are as excited about the possibilities of Life of Rome as we are. Before I bring you all up to speed with LoR, I want to start off with an apology. Following our successful Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo campaigns, interest in the game has sky-rocketed beyond our expectations and I’ve been overwhelmed with questions, ideas and messages of encouragement. Naturally, I want to give you all as much information as I can without taking too much time out from development, so I’ve taken on a Community Manager who will keep you updated of our progress in future if I’m unable to. Of course, I’ll still endeavor to make as many announcements myself as my development schedule will allow.

    You may have noticed that we’ve also updated the website and included more specific information on our core game concepts. I hope this will help in answering some of the questions you have raised. So sorry for the shortage of updates up until now – rest assured, it’s because we’re so busy behind the scenes trying to make stuff happen – and thanks for your patience and understanding so far! I thought I’d also explain a little about how the project began and about the team behind it. Life of Rome sprung from combining my own love of the time period we’ve chosen – the culture, architecture, politics, technology and warfare – with my personal fondness for small niche community-driven sandbox RPGs. It’s fair to say that it started as a hobby, but quickly became a real possibility as more people joined the team. I’ve been fortunate to find two developers who share this passion having worked on indie MMOs previously, and are helping me to bring this ambitious project to life, as well as an academic Roman expert (Professor Bernard Frischer) who is working with me on the design of the city itself. I’d love to share more about this with you as it’s really exciting, but it’s a huge piece of work and not quite ready to show off - we should be in a position to make an announcement about this over the next few weeks. We also have 2 part time coders, and have been able to recruit a few freelancers to work on specific items, as and when finances have allowed.

    Apart from the £400 raised on Indiegogo, this has been funded out of our own pockets, and with the exception of the freelancers, everyone is working on the project in their own time voluntarily. We’re still a small team, and this is definitely an indie project. Our focus has and always will be on doing things well rather than doing them quickly. We don’t want to fall into the same traps that other developers have by being over eager to release too early, and even though it is a popular business model these days, we would rather not charge people for an alpha, or make unfulfillable promises on Kickstarter until we feel we have something solid to give. Although a cash injection would certainly speed things up, it often comes with the burden of additional pressure to hit deadlines inevitably compromising the quality of the game.

    So where are we so far? We have an improved server architecture in place, and many graphical components (weather, day/night etc.) and UI elements have already been implemented. We’ve been working to finish up character rigging, interactions and animations – and there are a few rudimentary systems starting to come together. We’re constantly fleshing out and refining the game mechanics as we go, and we’ll share more as each system is finalised. We’re always open to community suggestions too, so feel free to post your ‘wish-lists’ on the forums. The full team are in meetings this week to finalise our development roadmap and lay out some approximate time scales for what we would like to have implemented by Alpha. Once this is set out, I’ll post this on the development section of the website.

    Before I get back to work, I wanted to say a little about the release date quoted on Steam (18/12/2015) as this isn’t quite correct. We’re actually tentatively working towards a closed pre-alpha build by the end of the year, restricted to a small test team including invited members from our community, to help us iron out any problems. This should give us a good indication of when we will be able to open access up further.

    Thanks again for all your interest, comments and ideas. Please keep them coming!

    Breakout Studio

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    I'm glad to hear things are going well! I plan to keep a close eye on these forums as the development goes along. It looks like good stuff is happening & I want to be a part of it community-wise!

    Keep up the great work! I'm rooting for you!

    For the glory of Rome!
    - Life of Rome Community Manager
    - Head of Family Aulus: /
    - Fortes Fortuna Iuvat!


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      I am so happy that u guys take ur time and dont rush anything, i feel confident about this game and therefore dont feel any burden to wait long before u guys release the alpha.

      I wish u all the luck there is, and i will support this game to the max.
      Like Hidden-Winter i will root for u guys and keep active on the forum.

      dimidium facti qui coepit habet


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        Sounds like u guys are doing things the right way. Glad to hear it a game like this done right will be amazing i cant wait to see whats in store and look forward to more updates


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          I am rooting for this project and would love to help in any way I can!


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            Just found this game and I would like to say this is a game I been dreaming of seeing. I myself want to become a game designer one day and this is what I dreamed of making. I like seeing games like this coming out and letting players influence how game works and the have a chance to experiment and work together to make a great empire. I will support you guys all the way. This type of game can be really successful if its done right, and I know you guys have what it takes. I hope I will get an opportunity to test the game myself. Good job guys, and keep up t he great work!
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              Всем привет я думаю эта игра будет популярна во многих странах... Давно ждал и искал игру в жанре MMORPG (Про Рим)
              Ребят развивайтесь жду релиза или Тестирования - хотел принять участие спасибо за такую игру думаю вас ждет успех.

              С уважением qaz4858.


              Hi all I think this game will be popular in many countries... been waiting and looking for a MMORPG (About Rome)
              Guys grow waiting for release or Testing - wanted to participate thank you for this game I think you will succeed.

              With respect qaz4858


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                this is gonna be the best roman era game ever


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                  I´ve being looking for a game like this for many many years!! You can´t imagine how happy I am about it, literaly is the game I been dreaming to play. Thank you very much for the work and effort that you are putting on this game. I hope I could test it, and in every thing that you need help..Well count with me.


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                    I know you need to take your time But I Really Want This Game to Come out!


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                      Thank you, Rob.

                      -CHORUS: Who then is the helmsman of Ananke (Necessity)?
                      -PROMETHEUS: The three-shaped (trimorphoi) Moirai (Fates) and mindful (mnêmones) Erinyes (Furies).
                      -CHORUS:Can it be that Zeus has less power than they do?
                      -PROMETHEUS: Yes, in that even he cannot escape what is foretold.


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                        Great news :-)

                        Thanks for the Information.


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                          Thank you for not rushing things, it'll pay off!


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                            This game is looking amazing so far Vibius. I wish the break-out team well. Just stay focused and stay on path. Developing this type of game is no easy task. So many have failed before. Prove them wrong!


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                              I found this forum casually... and immediatly i became a fan's of yours!

                              I like this idea and the game that will comes very much and i don't see the hour it comes true!