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I still think you should release the game

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  • I still think you should release the game

    I know I wrote about this a couple of times already. But I think this is important. And I think there are people out there who would agree. That yes, even if the game is incomplete, even if the game is not finished, has problems, not enough time to keep making the game, no more money for the game. That even though the game is not ready, it should still be released. Even if it's only 1 dollar on steam. At a minimum get something out of it. Instead of putting the game in the garbage. Years of work lost. I understand you folks don't have the manpower to continue the game. The money ran out, dried up. End of the finance. I mean how irresponsible is it to spend how many years have you guys worked on this game? 3 years? And be for nothing. How much money, how many dollars went into this game? And just to put it in the trash. I mean put the unfinished game on steam. At the least so it can be a mod instead of the trash can. But I mean that's just my opinion. 2 bits. If you guys want to take the time, take the money and put it in the trash, I mean hey. But I mean like dude says rome wasn't built in a day. The marble, gold and silver. It started with mud, wood and brick. A few houses and farms on a little hill

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    I absolutely agree with you, they should release this game in whatever state it is currently in. Even just to walk through ancient Rome, albeit unfinished, would be astounding. I would even pay 5 bucks to have the chance to do that in an unfinished game. Assuming it is somewhat stable and releasable, I think it should be released as is and let us fans explore what it could have been, and see all the glory that was already created.