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The Story of Tulio Varius Sergius

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  • The Story of Tulio Varius Sergius

    CHAPTER 1 intro
    This is the story of Tulio Varius Segius a humble and modest civilian or perhaps that is how he would view himself.

    He isn't a very important man but he sure does generate me quite allot of revenue from his "services".
    It was quite funny the first time I met him. I was sent in to replace the senior tax collector of Valor.
    Valor in is self is a cruel name for a place like this. Its an old collection of rubble created from the fire of the great fire many assume Nero himself breathed.
    Any buildings that partially survived were filled with squatters either those made homeless by the horrid disaster or the endless waves of refugees coming from
    every which portion of the world. The scraps of what was left was used and build on.
    Most of the people live here without any documentation but yet they still send in tax collectors to make what they can.

    The Senior Tax Collector was believed to be corrupt as even tho he was sending back coin it was not even close to the minimum expected.
    The Tax office is located next to a bathhouse that was mostly intact. My first encounter here was also my first and most note able one.
    As I walk up the steps of the bathhouse there was the senior Tax Collector covered in piss! A crate smashed on the ground with many shattered bottles and piss everywhere. Four guards rush to the scene brushing me out of the way. Then there is Tulio...
    Turns out the Senior Tax Collector was extorting extra payment from the few honest workers in the area.
    The Senior Tax Collector demanded that Tulio be put under chains and executed. This is where I stepped in.
    I ask under what authority he was ordering executions he provided a false document with a falsified seal from Constantine.
    Knowing that could not be true I instead ordered that the guards place The Senior Tax Collector under arrest until the proper authorities dealt with him.
    Immediately showing the true documentation I was given under Roman Law and The Main Tax bureauof Rome.
    Rather timely of me to be here I thought to myself. I assume someone somewhere already knew what was going to happen.

    I sad down with Tulio and talk to him after the whole mess. He explained with other witnesses the extend of the affair.
    Tulio was demanded to pay more as it was thought he was hiding extra money in the crate he had. The crate had smashed during a bit of a wrestling effort with it. The crate contained Bottles of Piss not coin. I laughed so hard it would have been tough not to feel empathy to Tulio and the others of Valor.

    Turns out Tulio and the rest of Valor are not as bad as they would appear from an outside look. Piss tends to be a very lucrative business on I guess I always overlooked as a lower class hobby.

    -Quintillus Probus, New Tax Collector of Valor

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    Each chapter is the point of view of an advancing story with each chapter being from a different characters perspective. Chapters should add to the mythos of Tulio Varius Sergius. Any are free to add chapters and add to the story as they please I will include the good ones and polish as time goes on.
    If I can be a Civilian in this game and have piss collector and seller as a job then I would be happy.
    If I could own my own house and pay taxes that is in the shittiest slum of Rome then I would never leave.
    If There where npcs and roleplay I would never close the game it would always be open on my desktop.