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    I have mentioned it before in another topic but how awesome would it be if there would be a real colloseum and u start as a Gladiator ( maybe a storyline where his village got pillaged and destroyed by the romans ) and u have to fight ur way out to freedom.
    All of the romans could watch these fights and make bets with a bookmaker ( wich could be a proper job in the game ) then at the end of the story the owner / senator / Ceasar or whoever runs the Colloseum decides when and how a Gladiator gets free ( maybe by giving him several missions )

    what do you guys think of this idea

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    As exciting as your story sounds, the character beginning story plots have already been decided I think. See here:

    Though I don't think those premises are set in stone.

    As for the whole missions thing, I think the game is more centered around making your own story as a roman citizen/barbarian and less about going around doing favors for everyone who will just forget you two seconds after you help them for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    However, having jobs around the city wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe they could take an idea from Reign of Kings and have a seat of power that takes taxes from the citizens. (Reasonable amounts hopefully lest they die as Cesar did.) That would give a reason for the jobs at least. Its rare that you see a true "life-simulator" that doesn't have sporadic means of battle everywhere, or meaningless menial tasks nowadays.
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      I know that the story plots already have been decided, however they are still in development and could easily add a thing or two.
      Maybe i didnt explained myself realy good ( could be my english as i am not a native english speaker lol ) not that i want several quests or mission brought into the game where u have to follow the storyline, that would be borring, but see it as Far Cry or GTA where beside the main story line u have several things to do.

      i know this game is based on the fact that u have to make ur own story and there probably would not be a main storyline for everyone to follow, but in my opinion it would make it more fun to play if u have more things to do at 1 givin moment, so that u have to chose what to do next.

      example : ur a roman citizen and running out of cash, u could go find a job working under a boss doing several erands ( wich is a little mission already ) or go to the inn and gamble ur money on a game of rocks, go to the coloseum and bet on a Gladiator etc.
      see the picture where i want to go?

      Same thing for the Gladiator, not that u should make a faction of it ( Gladiators are not ment to be a faction ) but make it a proffesion or so...
      i for instance would like to see that u could buy youre own parcel in the city itself and set up a shop, hunting deers and rabbits.. selling meat to fellow romans.
      log out after 2hours of hard labor and therefore closing my shop, logg back in and see i got raided by robbers
      gives me the feeling i need to get more security, then go to the locksmith get better locks, then go to a senator or maybe a hired gun and ask for protection paying them off corse.

      maybe i am dreaming to much hahaha