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Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus

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  • Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus

    Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus
    "Deos fortioribus adesse..."

    (( ROUGH DRAFT ))

    At First Glance...

    You see a man of significant height and above-average build. What he lacks he makes up for with size, strength and vigor. His black hair remains cropped and tight, often kept very short, his beard was a shadow often kept groomed to a just perfect length. Often his face was covered with battle scars and he met on the battlefield some new, some old and some still open and healing never did he use bandages to cover them simply displaying them almost as if trophies of conflict. You'd sense an aura of confidence about him something in his blue eyes communicates a sense of warmth and safety. Upon meeting his gaze or hearing the calm tenor of his voice, your mind is put to ease. This is a man you can follow, a man you can trust, a man you can fight along side, a man you can laugh with, a man you can call friend. There is an authoritative leadership that permeates his demeanor, it is strong and at is shown through his haughty behavior; but what he lacks in his haughty behavior he makes up for with his more common humble side. His armor and his clothing reflect a man of significance and utility, upon inspection this man dons the traditional Roman Army Armor specifically that of an officer upon closer inspection his armor would be embellished with stately brass wolves and eagles and is as impressive on its resting stand as when it is worn. He was a pretentious man often seen wearing a wolves hide cloak in colder temperatures and in warm temperature a silk cloak that matched his tunic and armor.

    Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus is a man that keeps to himself and is a very reserved quiet type of man, when asked of stories of his combat tales or stories about his life he doesn't enjoy speaking of them simply attempting to move the conversation in a different direction or attempting to excuse himself out of the conversation. He does not enjoy talking about himself, mainly because it is more in his character to care about others especially the logistics behind combat that only a veteran soldier and a great leader would know about. What little is known about this man is clouded in vague myth and legend: he was raised outside Rome to an Patrician Household known for their vineyards and horses. There, he learned the ways of farming, the sword, and the horse. Like his father before him, Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus continued the long tradition of enlisting in the Roman Army, where his loyalties have always and currently lay. He is a seventh generation soldier grandfathered in through his father, hence the name "Septimius" as his middle name. One can say with some confidence that this man was born for the army: it is in his blood and it runs strong. His Cognomen "Aquilinus" meaning "Eagle-like" suggests that he comes from a family known for power and glory; the eagle alone the defining emblem of Roman power. This very well suggests that he has devoted his entire life to being the best soldier of Rome that he possibly can be until greeted into Elysium, so that he can can follow in his ancestors footsteps; giving distinguished military pride to his family and glory to Rome, for the Roman legion the eagle was its heart and soul.

    The legacy of Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus can be summed up in one word:eaglesword. Tiberius Septimus Aquilinus has proven himself as a legionnaire to be a proficient fighter and relentless fighting tactics used during his time as a legionnaire taking on the role of a leader during struggle with internal ranks. Often being the first in rank to go into battle, Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus is a formidable fighter who took great honor in his legacy and devotion to the Roman Army sworn to the Emperor himself. It wasn't long for him to get recognized for his abilities in combat among the Legio XIII Invicta during their campaigns,Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus secured his promotion as Tribunus Laticlavius of Legio XIII Invicta under Legate Gaius Meridius Quintus. At the age of thirty, Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus is still quite significantly young for an officer and still has much to prove as an officer. But since his commission as an officer, he found himself respected among his fellow legionnaires for his leadership qualities that inspired them to fight for Rome and as he attempted to keep the bonds tight like friendship that he had mentioned to be 'one that can only be forged on the battlefield' and kept his legionnaires in his daily prayers. Ultimately bonding and forming friendships with the legionnaires at his command, often approaching them as a friend rather than officer.

    However, Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus has been steadily separating himself from those around him leading by a strong example, always upholding the law and always praying to the gods. Religious to a fault at times, this man pure sense of devotion is sometimes enough to turn the tide of a battle. The events of the battle are obscure, but the legend states that when Legatus Gaius Meridius Quintus general of Legio XIII Invicta was injured in combat. Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus rushed to his aid fighting off those still surrounding the Legate from then he picked up the injured Legates sword held it up in the air shouting "Roma Invicta!" and under his breath delivered a battle prayer to the gods and led the charge of legionnaires into battle with his war cries. In the midst of combat, the numbers that seemed to be in the favor of the barbarian horde soon turned around and it was with every single inch, every single blow to the enemy from artillery and sword that brought the enemy down on their knees before Rome. Bloody, dirty and battle worn Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus stood up on a high rock held the sword up in the air as he looked down at the men below him shouting "Roma Invicta!" following the legionnaires who began to shout and chant along with Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus; his combat leadership at last revealed to be worthy and his promotion secured with honor and respect. Yet the legionnaires saw a distinguished man and while with pride and strong sorrow for their losses on the field of combat, their names not forgotten and did not fall in vein; falling with a purpose.

    Tribunus Laticlavius Tiberius Septimius Aquilinus inspecting Legio XIII Invicta, Cohort X in preparation for battle against Barbarians
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    Very cool.


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        Love to see people sticking time into stuff like this! Much respect to you Tiberius! I hope to see you at launch.


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          I like when people write history of their characters, thank you Mārs.
          -CHORUS: Who then is the helmsman of Ananke (Necessity)?
          -PROMETHEUS: The three-shaped (trimorphoi) Moirai (Fates) and mindful (mnêmones) Erinyes (Furies).
          -CHORUS:Can it be that Zeus has less power than they do?
          -PROMETHEUS: Yes, in that even he cannot escape what is foretold.