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    My name is Titus

    I was born and raised in Rome being trained to be a solider since birth I do not remember a time where i was not training and then I did it i am a Tribunus Laticlavius of the Cohortes Urbanae. My job is simple I am the third in command and i train my fellow romans who wish to join the Cohortes Urbanae

    I am a master of strategy and fighting there is a small amount of people who can defeat me in a duel and a even smaller that can defeat me in battle I will never give mercy if you fail you die in my life all i've known is the ones who fail are the ones who died I now live by that motto in battle and in life. I am known to kill those who fail training.

    I have a very short temper if you do something wrong i will snap and you will probley die so its best to stay on my good side

    I have no fear exept for the fear of failure.