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  • Maximus Pompilius Martyrius

    (Nec Initium Nec Finem Habet)

    Each story has a beginning and an ending, this is neither the start nor the end.

    My name is Maximus Pompilius Martyrius, a soldier of Rome. I will begin my story here.

    The year is 23 BC. My family is assassinated by Britain slaves just as I return to my villa where I see them pouring my fathers blood into the fountain. I catch them off guard and I charge one with my blade first in fury. The other two run while they leave their friend to die a painful death. The next couple of days I see flashbacks that I have never seen before of my childhood. From the day my family was assassinated I was determined to find out whose plan it was to assassinate everyone who had given their lives to Romes victories and accomplishments. From the day my family was assassinated I joined the RAPAX to make sure that no one else had felt the same pain that I had felt that day. From the day my family was assassinated whenever I felt pain I only smiled, because I have already felt the worst pain that one could have felt in their life time. From the day my family was assassinated I myself and the people around me changed, I was no longer looked at as the son of a famous Roman general. From the day my family was assassinated I pushed myself through the ranks of the RAPAX having outstanding performance than anyone else that dared to stand up to me. There were only few who managed to keep up with my skill, and they are now known as my superiors

    I myself was never a master planner, I never was good at sitting in chairs and depending on other men to do the work for me. Although, I was excellent at avenging the people who fell before me and eradicating those who opposed the might of Rome.

    I am a man of my word, and as a man of my word I can tell you that brave men only taste death once while cowards taste it a thousand times over. I have seen it many times over in battles even when one does not expect it.

    This is neither the start nor the end of my story.

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    The year is 23 BC.
    So you're over 300 years old?


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      Haha, indeed I am.