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    It was the last thing I was ever able to say to my father. The emotion I truly felt could not have been captured with just this one letter, and with his time running thin, I had fallen short on what to say to him. I feel I did the best I could, however, and tried to assure him that the family must live on. If were to have truly gone to him in person I would have become victim to the plague that had eventually been the death of my father in the first place, and being the sole survivor of this family, that would've mean I'd have also been the murderer of it. It is now my duty today to keep my family's name alive and well -- the Barbatus family. I, Xanthos Barbatus, will do you proud father. You will always be in my prayers. For Chiron and for the glory of Rome. Damn this plague.
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    Nice idea, you might want to make this an actual family after some RP