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    "We talk the path of power, unafraid and unshaken by the masses driven before us. The Calvinus Family. We are unbreakable. We shall not be denied. Greatness is our destiny and the glory that comes with the slaying of the savages who threaten Rome will be our ultimate reward." ~ Quintus Domitius Calvinus, Leader of the Calvinus Family.

    Maybe you're in it for the coin. Maybe it's the excitement. Maybe, just maybe, it's because you know you'll be pushed beyond your limits and brought to a moment when you must either destroy your weaknesses utterly or be broken. It's inconsequential. The Calvinus Family calls to you. Those who join our family are trained in well-guarded techniques, stances and disciplines. As a result, they tend to think and act differently than other adventurers. The Family's full-blooded members are relentless huntsmen of the battlefield, often singling out and isolating individual enemies before joining to quickly destroy their chosen target. Then the process begins anew... The mindset of a Calvinus member is that of a ravenous wolf in battle - single out a foe and overwhelm him utterly.

    It should be noted that outside of Rome and some areas in Italia, the Calvinus Family is held with the utmost respect and honor. Dating back centuries before, the Calvinus Family were one of the very few Roman Noble Families to support the Caesar/Octavianus party from the very beginning.
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    "Your service in the Calvinus Family has rendered you immune to fear and supremely confident. You will fearlessly stampede across the battlefield, sprinting from foe to foe in a blood-spattered carnage. You know when to get stuck in for the long haul. Once you've got hold of your target, you will relentlessly tear into him until there is nothing left - a manifestation of our brutal desires. Softer men will hide behind their defenses when faced with an onslaught of our Legionnaires. You will not give them this mercy. Each and every one of you has trained for years in grueling conditions, a brutal regime that has caused you to adapt an uncanny level of agility and acrobatic prowess even under heavy loads - you will effortlessly bound over traps, slip past barricades and, barring any act of divine intervention, smash straight through to get to our enemies. Do not fail me. That is the only warning you will receive." ~ Quintus Domitius Calvinus, Leader of the Calvinus Family.

    It is expected that everyone in the Family to be able to handle mature content. As can be expected from the theme of the Family – a family of Legionnaires who will take whatever measures necessary to defend Rome and the citizens of Rome – The Calvinus Family will go over some dark stuff. Drug use, sexuality, gore and the like would not be unusual. It’s much closer to say that we encourage a more dark/macabre atmosphere than your usual roleplaying theme. Whereas the typical fantasy RP theme is comparable to a Forgotten Realms novel, we are much closer to George R. R. Martin and R. Scott Baker. If you are comfortable with them, then chances are you would do well with the Family. However, if you find the darker side of humanity to be something you are not comfortable with, then the Calvinus Family is not for you. It should be noted that we are NOT an 'evil' family, good and evil are subjective terms and should be treated as such.

    As we have mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Calvinus Family is not your usual run of the mill "clan". There are individual characters that, just would not work well with us. The childishly naïve, the simple minded, and those whose only purpose is to be comic relief are a few examples. When thinking of joining us, ask yourself this: “If my character was alive in the Roman Ages, is it likely that he/she would join a group of highly trained and disciplined Legionnaires who swear allegiance to Rome and the people of Rome?" If your answer is no, then this is not the Family for your character.
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    "By pierced heart or decimated flesh, victory will be ours! For Rome!" ~ Quintus Domitius Calvinus, Leader of the Calvinus Family.

    The Calvinus Family is going to be taking part in PvP, given the nature of Life of Rome, it's actually going to be one of the primary focuses for the Family outside of roleplaying. Members are expected to take part in PvP events or to be prepared to assist allied Families. We will have a KoS (Kill on Sight) listed on our forums for enemy Rebels or anyone who defies Rome and well-known griefers/bandits, etc. We do have a code of conduct, however, so please keep that in mind when joining. We are not a ganking "clan". We are not a bandit "clan". With that in mind though should we come across a group who acts outside of our code of conduct or is well known for causing grief to roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike, we'll just simply ignore it and take care of business.

    Code of Conduct:

    No Griefing. Griefing is defined as the continued ganking and killing of an enemy combatant, especially one that is obviously not your match in PvP. "They were doing it to me" is not justification for us doing it. This is a cycle of frustration and ill will towards the gaming community that we do not need to perpetuate.

    No Corpse Camping. Kill and move on. Killing enemies at a resurrection point is a dishonorable and obnoxious practice, do not do it. We're looking to foster a community filled with friendly competition and fairness.

    Honor your enemies as you honor your allies. Avoid disrespectful behavior towards enemy combatants. This includes spitting emotes, taunting or any other behavior designed to demean and insult. You represent our guild not only to our faction but those on the other continent as well.

    Allow your enemies to flee in fear, if the enemy is making an apparent attempt at escaping or simply aren't looking for a fight then enable them to do so. If they look like they're merely waiting around for the 'right' time to jump into a fight when the odds are stacked against you or your group, destroy them without mercy.
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    "Joining the Calvinus Family means becoming more than the sum of your parts. Your comrades bleed with you, fight with you and may even cross blades with you. You fight as a pack of wolves, or a pride of lions, and concert your efforts." ~ Quintus Domitius Calvinus, Leader of the Calvinus Family.

    All of our Family Campaigns will focus on various plot aspects, with one overarching storyline playing into the current arch of the campaign. Much of our story will come from interaction with other Families through trade agreements, escort missions and other jobs, but also the day-to-day needs and pressures the different nations face.

    At the end of each story, we will conclude and then write a short summary covering the build-up, the major aspects and the major players of each. This we hope will tell the story of our characters and our Family in an easy to read, organized fashion. We don't plan on creating page after page of expanded mythos or lore, we want a compact story-line that is easy for new members to follow so that they can easily throw their own characters into the mix.

    Family and community campaign events will be organized and run by one of our guild Game Masters (GM) who will work in tandem with family officers and those participating in the event to create a fun story experience for all. During these events, the GM will act as the mediator during conflicts and will act as the primary storyteller throughout the event.

    You're welcome to follow our story on our website or here in the forums.

    The Gens Calvinus is looking for Legionaries, please provide the following if you wish to join:

    Gens Calvinus now has its own Discord and Steam Group.
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    Hi, welcome to LoR, Calvinus.
    I desire good luck to you and your family, see you.
    -CHORUS: Who then is the helmsman of Ananke (Necessity)?
    -PROMETHEUS: The three-shaped (trimorphoi) Moirai (Fates) and mindful (mnêmones) Erinyes (Furies).
    -CHORUS:Can it be that Zeus has less power than they do?
    -PROMETHEUS: Yes, in that even he cannot escape what is foretold.