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The House of Scipii(US)

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  • The House of Scipii(US)

    Hail fellow Romans! The House of Scipii is recruiting only the finest our eternal Rome has to offer! Our house will become the most prominent in Rome! Mars himself will smile upon us in battle against heathens who dare stand against our Rome! Desertion and cowardice will be met with cold steel, and bravery will be rewarded with more riches than the eye can see. Join me brothers, as we secure our beloved Rome and punish those who dare stand against us! All rebels will be punished, any Roman who dishonors his Rome will suffer the same fate as a rebel, and he will be regarded as the same as the scum they are. Roma Victa!

    (Rules have been posted on our Steam community, have a great time in game everyone! Upon launch the Steam group will have a Discord link up and running, have fun everyone!)

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    Welcome and well met!

    (we usually frown on clickable links but I have checked the above link and it is safe).... Good Show!