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    So, I've been reading both the main website and the forums and I haven't quite understood how it is going to work as far as the possibilities with different communities take for instance roleplaying communities, we typically like to be around other roleplayers and often avoid more of the heavy player-vs-player interactions. Instead, we engage in stories, plots and combat here and there but more to a realistic level, etc, player-v-player which seems to be a big part of the game for some people. So the real question is, will separate communities be possible or is something else in the works to give room to the roleplayers?

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    Full-well understanding that this reply comes quite a long time back from when it was posted and the likelihood the original poster sees this might be a bit of a stretch but... Coming from a long, long role-playing background I would say that you likely wouldn't want to worry yourself about something like this. Most role-play servers tend to be swamped with a variety of players from various walks, PvE to PvP it is ultimately unavoidable. Let's also not forget that a good portion of role-players do not only role-play but to get my point out...

    Perhaps, with this particular project it might be more favorable to attempt to bridge that gap between communities. Set up your story and play it out regardless of the server mix. Allow me to elaborate a bit. Say you run a Ludus (specifically a school for gladiatorial fighters) and you want to role-play this premise but you notice that the amount of role-players that role-play pit fighters is low, or perhaps spread too thin over the various gladiatorial owners. Fine, perhaps you could make some OOC arrangements with a PvP players saying this... "Hey, you let me do my whole role-play thing, I just need you to fight for me. I support you on the social background as we vie to become a strong, noticeable Ludus and you get to shine as a champion."

    Arrangements like this could make unity between communities something very unique and perhaps place this game above the crowd.

    Or maybe, I am just crazy. *shrug* It could be interesting if done right, and I think anything with enough effort could be successful.


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      Ragdoll makes an excellent point, and I have seen this sort of bridging of different play styles in a variety of different role-playing servers/games. The clearest example of this would be in Mount and Blade: Warband, where PVP-leaning role-players tended to join the military to get a good mixture of social and physical role-play. Of course it was expected that lords/kings have an army, and so there was no hate between purely social role-players, and PVP role-players! If anything it boosted the role-play, and made for some excellent stories.

      Life of Rome is much more role-play based than Mount and Blade is. Role-players from all across the role-play spectrum will be able to include themselves in the game play without having to worry about interrupting someone else's experience. My personal opinion is that you can not have a purely social-rp, because it becomes boring too quickly, but you can not have a purely pvp-based role-play either, because it is too volatile: a good blending of the two creates interesting scenarios, fun memories, and better sense of community.

      There will, of course, be those who will choose to avoid this sort of inclusion, and I believe they will find themselves missing out on the full Life of Rome experience. That is simply my opinion, however.

      You can not have the good without the bad, but the good thing about role-playing games is that you can quickly determine who you want to continue to role-play with, and who you would rather avoid!

      Hope to hear more from you guys,

      Willy McBride - Community Manager