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    I have to make one correction. Although Yehtox48 did accept an invitation to join Gens Silva, he actually plans on starting a Gallic family with some friends of his, so he will not be a member of our family. We wish him the best of luck with his new family. Fortunately, another new member has just joined us. We extend a warm welcome to Supra.


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      Our 14th member, Bach2Bach has just joined Gens Silva through Steam. Welcome aboard Bach2Bach!


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        ......and our 15th member, Knowles, has now joined Gens Silva, also through Steam. We are very glad to have you with us Knowles!!


        • MariusTitus
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          Thank you very much, Very happy to have joined the family.


        • RegulusSilvaAugustus
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          Knowles, Profile Update

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        Quia Gloria Romae!!!!


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          That's right Regulus! For the Glory of Rome!!


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            I'm happy to announce that Gens Silva now has its own server to practice swordplay, formations and responding to commands. After some discussion on Discord, it was decided to adopt the March of Rome mod for Mount & Blade Warband. No choice was perfect, but most of the members already have the M&B Warband anyway and the mod is free. Go to our forums and sign in or register if you have to and look for the post on how to gain access the server by Regulus. If you are registering for the first time, I will have to manually transfer you to the Gens Silva group so you can access the private forums.

            Thanks to Regulus for all of the hard work he has put into setting this up. Within the Warband mulitplayer list you will find Gen_Silva.

            Go here to download the mod:

            Join us for voice comms on the server on Discord. Use the following code you were sent earlier to gain access. It's only good for 24 hours or so, so please sign up as soon as you can.

            If you don't have Discord installed, it's a free download here:

            It's time to start getting active and gain some solid practice before the Life of Rome starts up. We would like to see more of some of the members who have not been active to date. Everyone is encouraged to give the server a try and we will be establishing regular practice hours. Those will be announced later.

            CMs are invited to join us if they are interested.


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              Due to my misunderstanding of ancient Roman naming systems Gens Silva was misnamed when I formed it. The fault is entirely mine and I apologize to everyone for the blunder. In order to correct the mistake, and have our family named in a historically acceptable manner, our gens name will have to be altered, or perhaps corrected is a better word. The closest acceptable gens name to Silva is Silvius, which we are now adopting as our nomen. I will be working to replace the old banners and logos.

              My personal name is going to undergo reconstruction as well due to my error so that it correctly uses my gens name.

              All members will be asked to alter your nomen to Silvius and you can make any other alterations to your name that you wish. We need to make any changes now, before we are registered on the LoR server.

              Sorry again about this screw up. I hope it doesn't cause you much trouble.